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    Karén Oganyan - The Market, 1997 - van dyke print on newspaper

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    el terrible Señor Nubecita

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    Fourth of July-esque Polaroids!


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    Francesca Marie

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    Goth party.

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    Can u believe there are plants that are illegal

    Can you believe there is love that is illegal

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    Israeli settlers - who live illegally on Palestinian land and shouldn’t be there in the first place - regularly destroy and uproot olive trees belonging to Palestinians, often striking at night to go unnoticed.

    Olive trees are a livelihood for many families, and a key component of the Palestinian economy. That’s how they are meant to survive. 

    These attacks are by no means limited to agriculture. They also burn and vandalize churchesmosques, homescars and… cemeteries

    I saved the worst for last. Israeli soldiers escort Israeli settlers to attack Palestinians then stand by and watch, if not join in too

    According to the UN the annual rate of Israeli settler attacks against Palestinians has almost quadrupled in eight years.

    GIFs from 5 Broken Cameras (2011)

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